Monday, 5 April 2010

Tags með Digi Doodle stimplum - Tags with Digi Doodle stamps

I participate in challenge: To make a tag using Digi Doodle Stamp, 1 button, 2 rhinestones, 3 words.....My tags are extra ordinary, I didn't have so much time, but I decided to make 2 and I am going to use them as a bookmarks. That was the decision, to use the tags as a bookmarks that leaded to the location of the button and the rhinestones :o) I did not want it to be inside the book and damage the pages of the book.

Það lukkaðist nú ekki sérlega vel litunin, smá tilraunastarfsemi við að blanda saman trélitum og pennum, gengur örugglega betur þegar myndin er stærri sem unnið er með.

The coloring did not work out very well. The experiment, using pens and pencils together did not succeed as I had hoped. It will surely go better with bigger picture.
Ég notaði Bacis Grey pappír og læt hann njóta sín því mér finnst hann svo flottur. Ég notaði líka Bazzill pappír í grunninn og þetta rauða er vellum. Myndirnar eru litaðar með Tria Marker frá Letraset og silfurlituðum trélit.

I used BG paper and wanted it to be shown (I like it so much), Bazzill cardstock and a little bit of vellum. The stamps are colored with Tria Marker from Letraset and a silver pencil. The 3 words means: You were come here in your reading.


  1. Yona,

    I think you did a fantastic job hun, on both tags! The truck is a favorite stamp of mine, and I think you did beautifully on your coloring. My first thought was wow when I seen it. Awesome job sweetie!


  2. Wow awesome tags.... I love your coloring and the colors you used....

    Thanks for playing along with challenge at group on PCP....


  3. what lovely tags. I am not that great at making them. Thank goodness Harriet is. The sewing machine is especially wonderful!!! My mom had one like that when I was young!