Sunday, 20 September 2009


Opið - Open

Frístandandi - Freestanding

Bakhliðin - The back

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  1. Oh my god, these magnoliacards (art´s!)are something unbelievable...
    my words doesnt come out anymore!!

    I haven´t seen these kind of wonderfulies for long time, and I mean everything you have done, what are here in your blog!
    I can´t comment for every post, I sure liked to, but it would take the whole day for me :)

    Now that there "any stamp...." is swaps, I dont remember are you at these goups, but I ask anyway, could you swap images with me?
    I´d like to have those allkind of furnitures and decorates (magnolias), and these frames you had make such a beautiful little flats. They were alota-stamps...?
    I´m also a fan of art impressions, I have those stamps too, maybe I have something you would like?

    My stamps you can find ASWD and my blog:

    Please, let me know what you think.
    My email: